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Some of the most addictive flash games on the Internet have been on Sometimes it is a pain to sort through all of the history on Digg to get the best games of the past. I decided that it would be nice to have only the very best that has been posted on Digg all located in one location. Here you go, enjoy!

The Games - Most Popular This Month

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Splash: Drip liquid to cause a chain reaction to clear the board.
Overall Popularity: 660403
Played This Month: 449

ZWok: Set angle and velocity to hit targets.
Overall Popularity: 51006
Played This Month: 163

Dice Wars: Like risk but much simpler
Overall Popularity: 356643
Played This Month: 106

Drift: Great car racing game with good graphics.
Overall Popularity: 89111
Played This Month: 60

Worms: Use arrow keys to dodge the objects chasing you.
Overall Popularity: 2805979
Played This Month: 52

NGame: Ninja Game
Overall Popularity: 370574
Played This Month: 51

Frogger: Excellent remake of the classic arcade game.
Overall Popularity: 40117
Played This Month: 45

Road Block: Help the ball reach it's destination.
Overall Popularity: 66085
Played This Month: 32

CDT3: Click Drag Type 3.
Overall Popularity: 134609
Played This Month: 31

Snowball: How big can you get your snowball?
Overall Popularity: 154657
Played This Month: 27

ExciteBike: ExciteBike
Overall Popularity: 58687
Played This Month: 15

Levers: Balance objects.
Overall Popularity: 49030
Played This Month: 12

Domino: Select the domino that will knock down all the rest.
Overall Popularity: 102939
Played This Month: 12

New Metal Slug: Military shooting game, nice graphics.
Overall Popularity: 104028
Played This Month: 11

Squares: Collect the black squares without touching the red squares.
Overall Popularity: 46314
Played This Month: 11

Gun Master: Gun Master Onsaught
Overall Popularity: 222107
Played This Month: 10

Super Mario Sunshine: No description necessary.
Overall Popularity: 56497
Played This Month: 9

Metaphysik: Move the ball onto the target.
Overall Popularity: 50717
Played This Month: 9

Hapland: Try to light the two torches and open portal.
Overall Popularity: 57047
Played This Month: 9

Board Dots: Easy looking, but hard logic game.
Overall Popularity: 34825
Played This Month: 9

Bottle Capper: Shoot as many bottle caps as you can.
Overall Popularity: 71900
Played This Month: 8

Click Drag: No instructions, just figure it out.
Overall Popularity: 32591
Played This Month: 8

Bow Master: Defend your castle from the invaders.
Overall Popularity: 136975
Played This Month: 8

Super Sonic: No description necessary.
Overall Popularity: 241817
Played This Month: 7

Draw Play: Draw and play your own games levels
Overall Popularity: 94031
Played This Month: 6

Gravity Launch: Try to launch a rocket into satellites.
Overall Popularity: 32339
Played This Month: 3

10 Seconds: 10 seconds to hit golf ball.
Overall Popularity: 40180
Played This Month: 3

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