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Some of the most addictive flash games on the Internet have been on Sometimes it is a pain to sort through all of the history on Digg to get the best games of the past. I decided that it would be nice to have only the very best that has been posted on Digg all located in one location. Here you go, enjoy!

The Games - Most Popular This Month

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Splash: Drip liquid to cause a chain reaction to clear the board.
Overall Popularity: 606079
Played This Month: 844

Gun Master: Gun Master Onsaught
Overall Popularity: 218892
Played This Month: 359

Bow Master: Defend your castle from the invaders.
Overall Popularity: 134757
Played This Month: 169

NGame: Ninja Game
Overall Popularity: 365467
Played This Month: 152

New Metal Slug: Military shooting game, nice graphics.
Overall Popularity: 101627
Played This Month: 126

Worms: Use arrow keys to dodge the objects chasing you.
Overall Popularity: 2801536
Played This Month: 123

Domino: Select the domino that will knock down all the rest.
Overall Popularity: 99038
Played This Month: 122

Snowball: How big can you get your snowball?
Overall Popularity: 150112
Played This Month: 116

Dice Wars: Like risk but much simpler
Overall Popularity: 349060
Played This Month: 116

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